We Are What We Do

We started off as a Ruby on Rails & Angular web-only development shop in 2014. Today, we've grown a multidisciplinary in-house team to offer a wide range of services for medium- & big-sized companies worldwide. Our clients range from the USA to Germany.

We also like to contribute to the local entrepreneurial scene. We're the organisers of Startup Grind Barcelona, the curators of Startup Digest, and we manage an open Slack community for entrepreneurs and startups in Barcelona. You can chat with us there!

Work at MarsBased

If you are looking for a new challenge in your career in a stable company with lots of different projects and a very strong company culture, drop us a line. We are always open to meet new talent!

To be a Martian, you need to be acquainted with some of our technologies (Ruby on Rails, Angular, React Native, Ionic...), and be a very communicative and proactive person who's able to work remotely. If you're that person, contact us!

You're one step away from meeting your best partner in business.

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