MarsBased is a rare “fire and forget” partner. They deliver high-quality code and AI advice honestly and with zero hassle. Collaboration with them is always enjoyable. We have worked with them for four years and look forward to many more.

How can you unlock the full potential of AI?

Improve your product

Create new experiences for your customers by predicting needs and trends, using natural language processing (NLP) to allow AI to understand and respond to user queries more naturally.

Increase your team's productivity

Develop internal tools to automate your workflows and harness the full potential of AI, sparing your team from doing mechanical and/or low-level tasks.

Develop your own AI models

Build custom AI models tailored to your specific business needs, enabling you to leverage advanced analytics, improve decision-making processes, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

What we do

Check our expertise in integrating AI models into web and mobile applications

Integrate GPTs & Models

Integrate the latest GPTs and other third-party models into your applications to perform tasks and develop new functionalities with the power of AI, to avoid reinventing the wheel and get a positive ROI.

Image processing

Integrate image processing capabilities and computer vision libraries into your app to improve the quality, resolution, and other variables, or fix/upscale issues in images using cost-effective AI tools.

Train LLMs

Train large language models (LLMs) with your data to create a chatbot or agent capable of answering questions related to your business or a specific field using the most advanced and secure techniques.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables more intuitive interactions through voice and text interfaces, making products easier and more enjoyable to use, to make the most out of both written and audio inputs.

Data at scale

AI can process and analyse large volumes of data quickly, providing actionable insights and supporting better decision-making in astronomic volumes for high-growth scale-ups and enterprise customers alike.

Market analysis

Integrating AI can differentiate your product and company from competitors, providing unique features and capabilities, reducing costs and thinking forward through innovation and market disruption.

Operational Efficiency

AI can automate routine tasks, reducing manual workload and allowing employees to focus on more strategic activities where human capital isn't needed. Save on opportunity cost with AI.


Create a chatbot for your e-commerce that understands customer inquiries and is trained with your product data and business information, including store locations, product availability, delivery methods and times.

Safety and ethics

We check what you have in place and how your users can use AI safely, complying with company-wide policies and security standards, and avoiding biases & unsafe practises, to avoid having to face lawyers later on!

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MarsBased were key to ensure the success of designing and developing the solution that ended up transforming our business. The project was critical and of utmost importance in the company, and this tool helped us to grow 285% in just four years. Their business knowledge and their philosophy of "less is more" gave us outstanding results.

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