Javier Artero

Designer & Frontend Developer
Javier is a seasoned web designer that has spent years teaching the marvels of frontend development & design. His biggest challenges now are including wow-inducing animations everywhere & playing Overwatch.

Jordi Vendrell

Founder & COO
Librarian turned into web developer. Jordi runs operations & financials at MarsBased. He is also in charge of putting quality and order in everything we do, not only in our projects. He's the Samurai of the company.

Leire Oiarbide

Head of People Operations
After having coordinated an international network, Leire combines her passion for human processes and remote places with trekking, especially in the green Basque mountains, where she comes from.

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Founder & CEO
Developer who transitioned to the dark side: business development. Currently in charge of growth & strategy, by creating problems and then solving them. Guinness World Record in completing Day of the Tentacle in three hours.

Jose Luis Estébanez

Full-stack developer
JL had been working for us for some years as a freelancer, before we eventually convinced him to join the light side of the force. You will see him in extreme sports competitions when he is not coding in literally all the languages we work with.

Xavier Redó

Founder & CTO
Responsible for architecture and development. He's the one to blame for our techstack (Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Node.js, Python) and the one to be thanked as well. One of the very few developers with social skills we know.

David Garmendia

Frontend developer
Our JavaScript (Angular, React, Node.js & Vue.js) specialist David hails from Asturias. He moved to Barcelona when we hired him only to find out that he would not find an office here because the company is 100% remote.

David Gómez

Full-stack developer
David is a Ruby enthusiast that abandoned old-school consulting looking for a new challenge: to become the Street Fighter champion at MarsBased. He’s a Real Madrid fan, but nobody’s perfect.

Juan Artero

Full-stack developer
Separated at birth from his brother Javier, he has now reunited with his frontend counterpart. If they should ever decide to merge in real life, they would become the ultimate full-stack developer every company wants to hire.

Carlos López

Full-stack developer
Carlos is the second Martian to come out of Murcia. Based in Pamplona, now, he joined our ranks in late 2019 to strengthen our JavaScript team and is working now in the project of the second biggest football club in the world.

Laura Fariña

Full-stack developer
Introduced into the technology world by her father since she was a baby, Laura wanted to be a “videogame creator” when she grown up. She ended becoming a software developer and hasn’t lost her love for videogames.

Cristina Palomares

Backend developer
Cristina loves designer brands but also plumbing and home repairs. She loves baking cakes but she does not eat sugar. Quite the person of opposites. Will she also love React when she starts meddling with frontend technologies?

José Antonio Fernández

Full-stack developer
We have José Malaca and José from Málaga. He gave joy to hundreds when he used to work at a phone store. Now he codes in JavaScript, but the thing we value the most is that he still watches Pokémon every Saturday morning.

José Miguel Malaca

Backend developer
A biker mouse dad from Mars with code inside his veins. José enjoys a good red wine and has Ruby & Rails close to his heart. He is riding to become a cool web engineer delivering bugs always up-to-date and on time.

Alejandro Bringas

Backend developer
After many years feeding people, he swapped his knives for a computer. The coding world has always been one of his biggest interests. He joined our team of developers to add new recipes to the MarsBased cookbook.

Pablo Rivera

Full-stack Developer
Besides having mastered Ruby and JavaScript at length, Pablo is also able to communicate in real-life languages. He even wrote his own bio in Japanese to prove it to all of us: 私の会社の僚友はめっちゃバカだよ!

Elisabet Renom

People Operations
Eli is a seasoned startup enthusiast managing many fronts in the internal operations of the Martian Spaceship. That, and we've heard that she bakes the best cakes in the entire universe!

Do you want to join our team?

100% remote

Our company is conceived to be 100% remote by default. Also, you can choose to work at the time of the day you are more productive.

Office material

We will cover the costs of your office material, such as a laptop, a desk, a secondary screen, a chair, a keyboard, etc.

Training & learning

We have different initiatives aimed at supporting your professional growth, skill development, and language learning.

Martian Days

Every few months, we meet for a couple of days in Barcelona for a company get-together. And once per year, we do a company retreat to enjoy a few days in a different environment.

Stuff we like

🏖️ Company retreats
🎮 Geek stuff
✉️ Async communication
🤙🏻 Respect & good vibes
👩🏻‍🎤 Karaokes (maybe too much)

Stuff we dislike

😰 Working long shifts
💾 Wordpress
☠️ Toxic people
📆 Weeks full of meetings
💩 Bullshit
I've been working with MarsBased for several years and have hired them for multiple companies. They're well known for their technical expertise, but their knowledge in business is also excellent! They've been my Business-Intelligence-as-a-Service for many years and they will for years to come.

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