I've been working with MarsBased for several years and have hired them for multiple companies. They're well known for their technical expertise, but their knowledge in business is also excellent! They've been my Business-Intelligence-as-a-Service for many years and they will for years to come.

A tech audit in three steps

Initial consultation

We meet your founding team and all the required stakeholders to help you to prepare the data we will need for the audits.

Thorough reviews

We work through all the data and interview the required stakeholders to cover as much ground as possible within the specified timeframes and budgets.

Documented output

The outcome of this process is a document befitting your needs with the information we agreed upon during the initial consultation for your perusal.

What we do

Here are the main things we audit


We analyse how the application works, how it is structured, who built it and what technologies are used. The deployment infrastructure and continuous integration systems are assessed, too, to verify if the right tools are being used.


Our security audit covers the most common threats which could affect the platform and its third-party dependencies. We also assess whether the company’s information and data are correctly backed up and how securely they’re being stored.

Performance & Scalability

We measure how the application behaves in different conditions by stress-testing it and checking for bottlenecks. We evaluate if the technologies are the perfect fit for the business model to predict potential issues when scaling up.

Quality & Monitoring

Writing good code is a solid foundation for long-term projects. Does the code follow industry standards? Is it well- organised and documented? Equally important is to monitor the platform in terms of performance, errors and security.


Good companies are very methodical about how to develop new features, deal with legacy apps, do the deployments, backup/restore and review other people’s code. We make sure tech processes are standardised and known to everyone.

Dependencies & IP

We analyse which third-parties are being used, whether they are industry standards and dependency levels. Are core features developed & run within the app? What would happen if the vendors shut down? Does the IP stay within the company?


We inspect the completeness of the app to check how many and which functionalities are not yet implemented. Are any parts just partially implemented or being simulated?

Team Assessment

We interview and appraise tech team members of your choice to evaluate their performance, knowledge and real working experience. Afterwards, we will give you a detailed report with our conclusions and insights.

Disaster Recovery

We check what processes are in place to minimise the effects of disasters, and what happens when these take place. We make sure your company is prepared for the worst because no one is 100% free from disasters.

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MarsBased were key to ensure the success of designing and developing the solution that ended up transforming our business. The project was critical and of utmost importance in the company, and this tool helped us to grow 285% in just four years. Their business knowledge and their philosophy of "less is more" gave us outstanding results.

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