Every e-commerce, at its core, has the same features, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time we want to develop a new digital store for one of our clients. Among other e-commerce alternatives, Shopify has always shared our company vision: do less and do it very well. And then, add more features as you grow, with the developers always at the center of the experience. Working with their APIs, building themes, or creating a Remix-based headless e-commerce has proven to be a delightful experience for us and our clients.

Why we love

Fast setup

It can be set up in minutes to start operating. No more complex configurations or installations. Choose your name, articles, a good template, your pricing... and start selling!

Huge community

It has become a de facto e-commerce platform for everyone, quickly gaining market share around the world. Profit from a huge community of developers & plugins!

Highly customisable

With its marketplace for templates & plugins, you can customise your store to your heart's delight. Remarketing, analytics, SEO, subscriptions... there is a plugin for that.

Scale without limits

Nescafe, Zynga, the WWF, Lady Gaga, Heinz, Lindt and many more global brands are using Shopify. It has yet to find its scalability limits, as it has been built to scale.

Shopify Projects

Examples of projects developed with Shopify


Case Study


We rewrote their MVP and scaled it up to a full product with a custom solution mixing Shopify, Angular and Ruby on Rails.

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We helped Singularu to build their online presence, completely rewriting their MVP to a full-fledged headless e-commerce built on top of Shopify, combined with LocomotiveCMS and a frontend developed in React for a top-notch buying experience and optimal SEO performance.

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Travel Tax-Free

We have helped Travel Tax Free to build their POS plugins for Shopify to integrate with both their online and offline platforms for their offices all around the world, completely localised to all their office locations.

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Backed with strong tech

Built using Ruby on Rails, Liquid templating language & other robust technologies. They invest in tech and innovation more than their competitors to stay ahead and become #1 in the market.

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MarsBased have proven to be a partner willing to go the extra mile to exceed our needs and expectations. Over the years we have worked together they have continuously delivered excellent work. They were also ready to work long hours when things got complicated and help out in the weekends, which is something that makes a difference when you are building a business. This alignment with the customers goals is rare to find in an agency. We would not be where we are today without them.

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