Working with MarsBased is simply a pleasure. They're fast, agile, and they understood our needs and limitations from day one.

Why we love

Single-Page Applications

Angular excels at creating outstanding user experience and easier navigation with single-page applications, completely supported by Google's indexers to avoid SEO drops.


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which fully compiles to JavaScript. It promotes cleaner & easier-to-maintain code and enables us to be highly productive.

Efficient and scalable

RxJS allows your application to handle asynchronous data calls. By building module-based architectures, we build large-scale solutions ready to scale.


Angular was designed using a mobile-first approach, to reuse it across different platforms. We build web and mobile projects combining Angular and Ionic seamlessly.

Angular Projects

Examples of projects developed with Angular

Case study

Real Madrid

Stadium seat allocation is very challenging for clubs We built a full-stack tool for that with real-time data visualisation with Node.js and Angular.

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Case Study


We rewrote their MVP and scaled it up to a full product with a custom solution mixing Shopify, Angular and Ruby on Rails.

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Backed by the big ones

Large enterprises are using Angular for their platforms, such as Google, Nike, Paypal, HBO, Sony, General Motors, Orange, NASDAQ, Xbox, American Express...

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We have been working with Angular since its very first version. Our extensive experience using Angular in productive environments for large corporations give us a clear advantage over other providers: we know the framework inside out, as if we had invented it. However, if you are not familiar with Angular and/or reactive programming, or you are not building an enterprise solution, its steep curve might be too overkill for your project.

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