What we're working on in 2024

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Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
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What we're working on in 2024

We have been in business for ten years and we acknowledge we've always done a subpar job at showing who our clients are and what we do.

A lot of times, we're under very strict NDAs while others we develop internal tools that cannot be accessed publicly or they have very basic designs because they're optimised for functionality, not aesthetics. Other times, sadly, we develop prototypes and MVPs that don't see the light of day, or the company behind the project has asked us not to share that we built it because their investors or shareholders wouldn't like it.

All in all, we've been very busy and very rarely we show our work publicly. We have a section about it on our handbook about our Current Projects that I try my best to update it every once in a while.

Here's a breakdown of the current projects we're working on, as of today:

First off, we are still working for Naiz, evolving their platform. We have been working together since 2015, and we've been able to help them to undergo important transformations like the adaptation to a mobile-first design to all their widgets, a redesign of the entire site or improvements to their newsletter and caching systems.

For them, we have become their technological partner of choice, helping them in many fronts even outside of development, but mostly we're doing both intensive backend development and frontend projects, combining a lot of different profiles from our team over the years.

We also provide Rails development services to Infopraca, one of the leading jobs portals in Poland. We have been helping them with pure Rails backend development for four years now, developing the core of their Rails app. We started the project when we rewrote their app entirely back in 2020 to move away from an obsolete platform with lots of legacy code.

This is exactly what we do for Citadel Securities, a financial powerhouse from the US. We started working with Brad and his team when they were a small fintech startup called ValuationMetrics, and we helped them to transition to be a big team after their acquisition in mid-2021. Now, we've got a team of five people working for them, redesigning their UI/UX, working on web accessibility, architecture, performance and overall security.

We have a strong preference for karma-positive projects. We have been building Minka, a platform for marine biodiversity researchers since 2022 as part of the European project ANERIS. In the past, we worked for C40, also in the greentech space.

Sometimes, our clients need also help with refactoring, improving their code and adding test coverage to it to complement what their own team is doing, or to help them reach the quality they haven't been able to produce internally. This is the case of BlueprintHQ, a UK-based small startup whose founders moved on from development to sales and growing their business when they decided to bring us in as their tech team. They're also one of our longest-standing clients, going back to 2015.

We also provide React services to the Catalan company Gespasa, to help them to build their internal tools and maintain their technological platforms to keep it as in-house as possible, due to our physical, cultural and linguistic proximity.

Rails is really important in what we do, and it's been fundamental in our company since our inception, but we work with other programming languages and frameworks. In fact, we work for Hewlett & Packard HP providing them with Node.js & React development. We have built a few projects for them already using a pure TypeScript stack. For instance, we rewrote their Care Pack Central in 2021 and we're still evolving it nowadays!

Our 10 years of experience in developing with Angular have brought us clients like ITeC, the Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology. We are building and rewriting multiple projects in Angular on the frontend, while using Node.js in the backend. We are also doing the same for the big multinational Repsol.

The JavaScript/TypeScript stack is very important in our day to day when working for big corporate clients, too. We have been working since 2022 for Boston Consulting Group building all sorts of applications, mostly for data visualisation and business intelligence, using either Node.js or Python in the backend, and React in the frontend.

Outside of regular development, we also enjoy conceptualizing and designing the products we develop. Since early 2020, we've been working for the European Climate Foundation. For them, we've developed a very ambitious repository platform for their marketing and communications efforts and helped them across departments and spin-offs. We also do business-related projects for them such as market prospecting, research and consulting in diverse aspects of business (pricing, UI/UX, podcasting, etc.).

Although most of our clients come already with an idea of what they need and even a prototype or a somewhat-functional design, some do not, and we can help them do the user discovery phase, using diverse methodologies such as design thinking and the like, to then move on to iron out the UI/UX of the product we will develop afterwards. In 2019, we did it for Startup Genome, and in 2022 it was the European Climate Foundation.

We also build e-commerce platforms. In such cases, we use Shopify to build sites like zapptales, a Munich-based startup selling books made out of chats, and Singularu, a Spanish e-commerce selling jewellery produced in Valencia. For them, we built a headless CMS on top of Shopify, combining it with a pure React frontend layer and LocomotiveCMS.

In fact, we are strong Shopify experts. During 2023, we built the Travel Tax Free Shopify app to enable millions of POS in airports across the globe to use their platform.

Oh, and did we mention that we also build mobile apps? While we're more focused on web development, our mobile development game is strong. We have built mobile apps for companies like DeWocracy and Aparca&go, for which we also build their marketing websites. We have been working together since 2015!

Nowadays, we are working for Nieves Energía in the conceptualisation, design and development of their mobile apps. We are using React Native for that.

We have also been acting as a rescue squad some times. In fact, the aforementioned Naiz hired us in early 2015 when their previous provider shut down almost overnight. We had to take over the project and hit the ground running to ensure the platform's uptime and its correct service to their visitors.

An even more extreme example of rescue squad project is when we were hired to develop an emergency tool for a national health entity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of a very strict NDA, we're not able to disclose much about it, but let's say we built something functional in less than four days to help them navigate the extremely-adverse circumstances. Every second counted, and we worked on that project until it was internalised and then shut down some time around 2022.

Last, but not least, we can also provide high-level expertise and specialised teams to join forces in huge projects. In this case, companies like Haufe, Everis and ClearPeaks have hired us in the past to help them to architect and develop critical projects such as platforms in the football space for tier-one football clubs in Spain, projects for the energy sector in the EMEA region, or global HR platforms.

So, all in all, we're working for different countries all over the world, different sizes of companies and different sectors.

Off the top of my head, and in no particular order, we've had clients in almost every sector: insurtech (BlueprintHQ), mobility (Spin, Aparca&go, MokMok Car), fintech (Rundit, Citadel Securities, List71, Koodaa), travel (AirRefund, FCM), media (Startup Genome, Naiz, The New Journal, Datapraxis), e-commerce (Freshis, zapptales, Singularu, Travel Tax Free), SaaS (Localistico, RakutenTV, DeWocracy, Mailtrack, Hireflix), real estate (ITeC), energy/greentech (ClearPeaks, Nieves Energía, Repsol, C40, European Climate Agency, Minka), sports (FC Barcelona, Everis, Real Madrid, Pivot Analysis, La Liga LFP), industrial (Gespasa, BCG, Mobile World Capital), IoT (Ecler, Worldsensing), HR (Haufe, DPL ETT, Infopraca), AI (Shoptimus) and more!

And now, how can we help you?

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