Welcome back, Gespasa!

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Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Founder & CEO
Welcome back, Gespasa!

We want to welcome back Gespasa to the client roster of MarsBased.

Gespasa is a Catalan firm specialised in design and manufacture equipment to meet any needs in fluid handling, and they have been operating since 1974.

Gespasa are a one-of-a-kind player of the industrial equipment sector. Whereas many of their competitors have relocated their production or suppliers to Asia, Gespasa put a lot of effort into producing locally the entire value chain: from the initial molds to the last design touches and even their software, to double down on in-house production.

We have been helping Gespasa over the years with Ruby on Rails and React development as a partner, thus breaking the traditional client-provider relationship.

This continued partnership and the geographical proximity allow us to understand better their needs and be extremely aligned in values and the quality of the outcomes of the projects.

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