If you're not writing, you're losing sales: here's the why and how of blogging for business

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Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Founder & CEO
If you're not writing, you're losing sales: here's the why and how of blogging for business

Everyone seems to struggle to get their five minutes of glory to give exposure to their startup. That is, nowadays, being featured on Product Hunt, Reddit or other major publishing sites that will drive thousands of visitors to your site.

However, very few people do something about it, and most of them overlook a very powerful tool that's been there for ages, it's quick and easy to set up and will most likely not die for at least a few more years: a blog.

This post was inspired by Mark Suster's blog entry Why Startups Need to Blog (and What to Talk About...). It is a really inspirational piece about something that oftentimes goes underrated by most new startups.

"Blog will come later", "now we need to focus on sales", "we're not good at that" and other excuses are the most common among entrepreneurs not willing to explore blogging as a sales channel.

Blogging isn't just for Writers - it's for Entrepreneurs

Very few people are born blessed with the skill of agile wits or sharp writing. But nowadays, you do not need to be Shakespeare to write on the internet.

To start with, Google - and most search engines - favor original and new content. If you think it through, that means one thing: Google will favor your site if you create new content frequently.

How frequently you do it and what you should write about will come later. The main point here is that you will rank better if you blog on your site.

Full disclosure: Blogging is Not Easy

Why Should You Be Blogging Right Now?

Having explained the main problems and difficulties you will encounter as a novice blogger, it is time to cover the benefits:


You know what is the best time to start blogging? Hint: it's not today.

The best time to start blogging is yesterday. Therefore, you are better off starting right now and catching up, as this is a long-term investment whose fruits you will want to reap as soon as possible. Start sowing now.

As an entrepreneur, you start as an underdog, and need to grow a reputation and credibility. A blog is a cheap way to do it, but takes time and effort over time. If you achieve the sufficient consistency, you will start going up Google's ranking in a matter of weeks.

Be the first investor in your project.

At MarsBased, we are experts in creating websites for bloggers using both Jekyll and Middleman, two Ruby on Rails-powered static sites generators. Both tools allow us to create lightweight static websites with a blogging engine and no database required.

Do you want to hear more about this? Drop us a line at Our contact email address.

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