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There's a harsh market out there. If you're reading the news, you will know that there's recession, inflation and other money games that will make rich people richer and poor people poorer, as always. We're sharing a few things we're doing to make sure we ride out this crisis in case it could be helpful for similar companies.
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We're looking for a cross-functional growth profile, focused on content marketing, to ensure that all of our marketing efforts are taken care of, seamlessly interconnected, correctly monitored and growing following our principles, with a special interest in becoming the co-host of our podcast, Life on Mars! Know anyone who might be interested?
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Use GoLang code in Ruby
GoLang has the option to create shared libraries in C. Shared libraries are native code files that have a direct interface with the C compiler. In this blog post, our very own Juan Artero shows you how to do it. 
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Creating an Intelligent Knowledge Base Q&A App with GPT-3 and Ruby
This article by Artificial Intelligence in Plain English guides you on how to create a Q&A application based on knowledge articles from your own website. You will use GPT-3 to make it respond intelligently and code it in Ruby.
Netlify acquires Gatsby, one of its main competitors
Netlify is acquiring one of its main competitors, the Jamstack framework and platform company Gatsby. Netlify also confirmed that the Gatsby web framework will remain open source for all developers to use. Read the article at The New Stack.
Top 15 most promising Spanish startups of 2023 according to business angels
El Referente launches the second report on the 15 most valued startups by the Spanish business angels community. According to Ecosistema Startup database, 1.370 startups have been created in Spain in the last three years. Several business angels, among others our CEO Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit, have recommended two startups in seed phases that have a very hopeful future and which should be followed during this year. Find out more in this article at El Referente (in Spanish).  

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TODAY: Corporate Innovation Summit 2023
 📍 Venue: Enel Espai Endesa, BCN
Come after the Mobile World Congress for an after-work session to learn from heads of innovation from big corporations like BMW, Moody's, Repsol, Decathlon, Zurich and more!
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Mar 2nd (7pm): Laura Martínez (Co-founder of The Hotels Network)
 📍 Venue: Casa de les Punxes
Last tickets - Get Yours!
Mar 2nd (11am): Startup Grind @4YFN (SOLD OUT)
 📍 Venue: Fira Gran Via
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