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Last week we celebrated our Xmas Martian Day in Barcelona, which was very special. The founders presented the results of the year as well as the goals for the year ahead, we discussed ideas for improvement, we voted on the next year's retreat destination - Formentera 🏝, we had the awards ceremony, the MarsBased Trivial, and whatnot. We ended up the day with a celebration dinner to which our collaborators and the Startup Grind team were invited too. What a table 😍 Thank you all for coming and making it so fun!
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MySQL deferred constraints and unique checks
MySQL and PostgreSQL are very similar but not exact. In this blog post, our CTO Xavier Redó shows you this scenario that works with PostgreSQL but not with MySQL. 
The state of CSS 2022
We thought CSS had already evolved into a pretty formidable language thanks to advancements, but it turns out this wasn't even its final form. Parent selector, native nesting, container queries, cascade layers… The list of absolutely game-changing features coming imminently is pretty shocking. This report encompasses all the key innovations you should be aware of.
Stark’s 2022 Accessibility Year in Review
2022 saw big, perfectly imperfect progress in the world of accessibility. “Perfectly imperfect” because the work isn’t easy but necessary to make a more inclusive world for disabled people. This report by Stark highlights their favorite accessibility breakthroughs in politics, technology, gaming, and entertainment from this year.

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If you want to work in a Node.js, React, Ruby on Rails and Angular development agency, with an all-remote and async-first environment, with senior developers passioned about delivering premium quality software to our clients, and a solid company culture centered around work/life balance, take a look at these positions as well as our employee handbook. Know anyone who might be interested?
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