MySQL deferred constraints and unique checks

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MySQL and PostgreSQL are very similar but not exact. Take a look at this scenario that works with PostgreSQL but not with MySQL.

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The SQL standard says that, by default, the constraints check (foreign and unique keys) should be deferred. This means that the DB server won't check those before a transaction is commited.

Unfortunately MySQL is not following this standard and this could cause problems like the following one.

I have a unique key on a position column. I don't want to have repeated keys there. And I want to change the position of 2 elements with this initial state:

            id=1, position=2
            id=2, position=1

… to this state:

            id=1, position=1
            id=2, position=2

You would do it like this:

            UPDATE table SET position = 1 WHERE id = 1;
            UPDATE table SET position = 2 WHERE id = 2;

This will work on PostrgreSQL but will fail in MySQL. Because MySQL checks the unique constraint inmediatelly and PostgreSQL will wait until the Transaction is commited.

Xavier Redó

Xavier Redó

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