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Last week, the Martians traveled to the amazing island of Formentera for the company retreat! It takes place every year around this time in a different location. 4 days of quality time together, enjoying the beaches and plenty of fun activities such as cycling, snorkeling, boat trip, etc. felt so stimulating. For a full-remote company, spending time together in person is the best way to build bonds, create connections, and foster trust with our colleagues. We meet face-to-face every 3 months, and it proves really nourishing ❤️
How we organise our company retreats
Company get-togethers are paramount to running healthy all-remote companies. In this blog post, we shared our experience after our retreat some years ago, at that time in the neighboring island of Menorca. Life on earth has changed considerably ever since, but we hope it still helps you organize your retreat!
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Life on Mars Podcast 🎙 

A VERY special episode this week:
We interview the interviewer
Our CEO, Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit, is interviewed by our CTO Xavier Redó, and they speak without filters about the beginnings of MarsBased, motivations, partner agreement, the most screwed up parts of bootstrapping, how to manage money, drugs, politics, and whatnot. Enjoy it!
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Tech stuff 💡

Using LLaMA.cpp models in Ruby
In this blog post, our very own Juan Artero teaches you how to use LLaMa (Meta's AI) models using ruby for your applications and projects. LLaMa is the Meta’s AI that “accidentally” had been shared by torrent and is now available to everyone.
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The EU's proposed CRA law's consequences
for the Python ecosystem
After reviewing the proposed Cyber Resilience Act and Product Liability Act, the Python Software Foundation (PSF) has found issues that may put the health of the open-source software community at risk. In this article, the PSF shows its concern about the overly broad policies unintentionally harming the users they are intended to protect.

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We're hiring a Growth Lead & Podcast Co-Host
We're looking for a cross-functional growth profile, focused on content marketing, to ensure that all of our marketing efforts are taken care of, seamlessly interconnected, correctly monitored and growing following our principles, with a special interest in becoming the co-host of our podcast, Life on Mars! Do you know someone who might be interested?
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Our events 📅 

June 21st: Startup Grind BCN's 9th Anniversary Event
 📍 Venue: Enel Espai Endesa, BCN
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