Betting hard on async ❤️

We have decided to bet hard on asynchronous work. It's been a year since we began working async at MarsBased, and the balance is overall very positive. We think it is the future of work: a life-changing approach for location-independent and happier professionals.
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Team get-together 👽

This month, we've celebrated MarsBased's 9th anniversary with a team get-together in Barcelona. We had several tech and non-tech presentations, team discussions, a review of the company projects, etc. and after lunch, we had time for more fun immersing ourselves in a laser tag battle. There was time for sports, drinks, dinner, and going to karaoke as well! It's always an immense pleasure spending quality time with the bestest colleagues ❤️ We'll next meet for our company retreat in Formentera in May 🏝
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Come on board 👩🏻‍🚀

We're hiring a Growth Lead & Frontend Developers
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  • 👩🏻‍🚀 Growth Lead: we're looking for a cross-functional growth profile, focused on content marketing, to ensure that all of our marketing efforts are taken care of, seamlessly interconnected, correctly monitored and growing following our principles, with a special interest in becoming the co-host of our podcast, Life on Mars! Know anyone who might be interested?
  • 👩🏻‍🚀 React & CSS Frontend Developer 
  • 👩🏻‍🚀 Web Designer & CSS Frontend Developer 

Life on Mars Podcast 🎙 

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Stuff we like 💡

State of Remote Work 2023
This report by Buffer provides insights into how working remotely feels and is perceived; the work structures of remote workers and their organizations; top benefits and struggles of working remotely; and remote workers’ pay and career growth, among others.
How to write for the way your coworkers actually read
On an async-first team, being a good writer is a key skill to master. Creating a culture of writing has all sorts of knock-on benefits for team productivity. This post by Twist reveals several data-backed marketing tricks of the trade to improve your memos, emails, messages, and more.

Our clients 🤝

Signed THREE NEW contracts
Over the last weeks, we've signed contracts with three new clients, which means we're 100% booked for several months. We’re building a prototype for Boston Consulting Group, one of the biggest business consultancies in the world. We'll be developing a CMS with a custom publishing workflow for The New Journal, a new digital media by the EU Scream owners. Last but not least, we're developing integrations for Hireflix, a B2B SaaS company from Barcelona focusing on async video interviews. We can't be happier about the new projects ahead. A big thanks for choosing us as your tech partner!
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