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The importance of a step back to find quick wins

We know it's difficult to stop delivering features to our clients and take some minutes to analyse how our applications are behaving in production. However, we can't forget to do this from time to time because sometimes there are instant wins which will create a huge impact.

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Tidy desk

I'm an office manager in an officeless company, so... what am I supposed to do?

All-remote companies with distributed teams are more complex than it appears. Here's how we run MarsBased after four years of operations.

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Space rocket launch

Three years running our first business: lessons learnt

Everyone said that a full-remote, employees-first, quality-driven consultancy highly specialised in niche technologies would not work. Here we are after three years.

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Man working in a coffee shop

How to maintain company culture with remote teams

As remote teams become more and more prevalent how can you build community among your distributed workforce?

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Here's how we use Basecamp to manage our teams remotely

We've been using Basecamp 3 for a while now, and it really fits our company culture of having no office.

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Red rocks

Looking back to 2016: a year of consolidation for MarsBased

2016 was a year of consolidation for our humble company. Here's a short recap of what we went through, month-to-month.

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How to handle client work remotely: our communication Stack

We use this communication stack to manage client work remotely.

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