Announcing a partnership with Startup Genome

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Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Founder & CEO
Announcing a partnership with Startup Genome

Earlier in the year, we released the new Startup Genome platform we designed and developed. One of our best and most relevant projects so far. Now, I've been selected by Startup Genome to become their Ambassador in Barcelona.

Startup Genome have been analysing and influencing startup ecosystems all around the world since 2010. Their Global Startup Ecosystem Reports are a well-known tool to measure the health status of local startup ecosystems and how they rank on a global scale, and, most importantly, Startup Genome are all about community. Very few people and entities understand community like Startup Genome.

Building their new platform

We had known Startup Genome for a few years, and we hosted their former CMO, Anne Driscoll, back in the day in our first Startup Grind Barcelona Conference in 2017. Our relationship got to a new level when we were selected as their technological providers to design and build their brand new platform we released in April 2019.

Startup Genome website

We designed their new website with a ground-breaking style using the latest UI/UX trends to provide a unique experience to the visitor, and built their new website using Locomotive CMS to allow their editorial team to have a seamless editing experience and to be able to manage all of their hundreds of contents and pages.


The new website was premiered at our Startup Grind Tech Conference 2018, where Laís de Oliveira (Community Development Director at Startup Genome) gave a keynote about Barcelona: Scaling Through Connectedness (video in the link!), in which she detailed their most recent findings on the Barcelona startup ecosystem while giving a sneak peek into the Global Startup Ecosystem Report of 2019.

The Partnership: Becoming the Ambassador of Barcelona

Startup Genome have got one of the best networks in the startup scene. Well-known and connected with every single government that wants to excel in startups, they have devised a system of Ambassadors within their own network to represent Startup Genome locally and to curate content for them.

These Ambassadors are well-connected individuals or entities in the most prominent startup ecosystems. Becoming one of them certifies the fact that I've become one of the most prominent and active actors of the startup ecosystem in Barcelona.

Startup Genome has trusted MarsBased to become their technological partner and now me as Barcelona Ambassador. As such, we will provide some content for them, our technological counsel and we will organise joint events to bring even more connectedness within the Barcelona startup ecosystem.

In the following weeks, we will be disclosing more details about this partnership and the new initiatives we will do together.

Stay tuned!

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