Personalism vs. professionalism 🚨

There's a thin line between being professional and having no limits to what you do for work and how you do it. Overpleasing people constantly might actually be detrimental to your business and your reputation. We tell you how we deal with it at MarsBased, how we are building the reputation of the company, and how we've gotten so far, after almost nine years doing this.
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Sharing our views 📢

Programming, remote culture and entrepreneurship
Our CEO and Founder, Àlex, was invited to Proyecta podcast de emprendimiento. He shares multiple aspects of his experience, such as having a developer and sales background; complying with schedules while caring about well-being; the remote work culture; apprehension when hiring people at the beginning; and much more. Listen to the episode (in Spanish).

Tech stuff 💡

Testing new frameworks & languages: how to separate the grain from the chaff
Technology is evolving very fast. Every 6 months you have a new cool framework, language or technology popping up on your Twitter timeline and RSS feeds. It seems that you need to be always riding the wave to be a successful developer. In this blog post, our CTO Xavier Redó shares our internal process to decide what technologies we add to our tech stack.
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How to break the cycle of tech debt
As a codebase gets larger, tech debt is the growing monster that impacts a team’s ability to perform. This is rarely a problem associated with a particular stack. You probably need a better plan to break the cycle of tech debt. In this article by LeadDev, you can read more about how to do it.

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Want to grow as a developer? We're hiring!
If you want to work in a Node.js, React, RoR and Angular development agency, with an all-remote environment, with senior developers passioned about delivering premium quality software to our clients, and a solid company culture centered around work/life balance, take a look at these positions as well as our employee handbook. Know anyone who might be interested?
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Our clients 🤝

A third project for Rundit
We're working back with Rundita Finnish company we worked for between 2015 and 2017. In 2017, they decided to migrate their Ruby on Rails codebase to Node.js, so we had to stop working for them because we didn't do Node.js at the time. That's no longer the case, and they hired us for a Javascript project last year. Now, we're back to doing full development for them.
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