New season, new updates ☄️

Hi there 👋 We're excited to be back into your inbox after the summer break, which we hope you enjoyed! What's been going on in MarsBased during these months? Well, we've adopted async as a natural evolution of our officeless, full-remote philosophy. We've signed new contracts, and thus, we're growing our team and looking for developers. We have a new website design, and we're currently developing it. We keep opening up and sharing with our community, as you might want to listen on the following podcast episodes:

Life on Mars Podcast 🎙 

Running in summer!
This summer, apart from sharing our news from MarsBased, we had the chance to go deep into management and tech topics, such as frictionless development at scale, how to deal with tech-stack changes, and more. We also had the chance to recover a few epic interviews from the past, as it was the case of Carlota Pi from HolaLuz about marketing at scale. Lately, we've been covering an intimate topic concerning us directly as a full-remote company: remote worker solitude. You have it in both editions👇🏻

Tech stuff 💡

How to create icons correctly aligned with the text
There's a pretty shitty annoying problem with icons when working alongside text. It's called alignment. The CSS box model does not contemplate that an element generated with a width and a height can be part of the line spacing, so they do not end up centring well without cheating. Our CSS master, Javier Artero, shares how to solve it.
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How to implement Cuprite into Capybara
We've all been playing with testing libraries and frameworks for many years, but before doing that, we have to configure them. In this blog post, our very own Juan Artero (brother of Javier 👆🏽) walk you through his setup of Cuprite with Capybara.
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Job openings 👩🏻‍🚀

Want to grow as a developer? We're hiring!
If you want to work in a Node.js, React, RoR and Angular development agency, with an all-remote environment, with senior developers passioned about delivering premium quality software to our clients, and a solid company culture centered around work/life balance, take a look at these positions as well as our employee handbook. Know anyone who might be interested?
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Our clients 🤝

Long-lasting relationships
We've been working for Naiz (one of the leading online platforms for newspapers & media of the Basque Country) since the early days of the company, and we don't see an end any time soon. Normally, we visit them in San Sebastian once a year, but last week we invited them to Barcelona to celebrate our long-lasting relationship. Want to know what we've developed and how we work with them?
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Signed a new contract
This summer we signed a new contract with a technological company from Galicia called Teimas. It creates software to track and optimise the disposal of waste, being therefore an impact company. We're upgrading their Rails monolith to the newer versions of Ruby and Rails and helping them to scale it.
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Press 📢

What we need to know to create a startup
Our CEO and Founder, Àlex, was interviewed at El Diario's Impulsa Startups column. He explains the advantages of investing in startups in pre-seed phases and illustrates the first steps to create a startup: what we need to know, how to do it, and where. Read the interview here.

Our events 📅

Tomorrow, Sep 28th: How to (and not to) scale up your business
 📍 Venue: Talent Garden BCN Movistar
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