Celebrating 3 years of
our podcast 🎉 

+140 episodes published for the best audience!
We are thrilled to celebrate Life on Mars podcast's 3rd anniversary this month with a total of 70 episodes in the English edition & another +70 in the Spanish one! Our deepest gratitude goes to you, our incredible audience, for being part of this amazing journey. Your support, feedback, and enthusiasm have been instrumental in our growth. We'll love to keep hearing your thoughts and suggestions as we shape the future of our podcast. We also have a small change: during the summer, we will be introducing audio-only episodes, which is the format in which most of you are following our podcast. Thanks again for three remarkable years, and to many more captivating conversations together!
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Tech stuff 💡

Query data from PostgreSQL to represent it in a time series graph
In this blog post, our CTO Xavier Redó shows you how to query data from PostgreSQL to represent it in a time series graph. Enjoy it!
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Remember to vacuum your databases!
There's a way to declutter PostgreSQL databases that will impact the performance of your projects. Learn about vacuum in this blog post also by our CTO!
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Expanding our team 👩🏻‍🚀

Welcoming new Martians
We onboarded Jeroen, our latest Martian joining the crew, a few weeks ago. He is a CSS & Javascript Frontend Developer, and he is helping us with MarsBased's new website. Carlos is his buddy, supporting him during the first months of his journey in the company. Welcome to the Martian family! Wondering what the first day at MarsBased looks like? Read here 👇🏻
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Our clients 🤝

Signed new contracts and extensions
Over the last weeks, we've signed contracts with two new clients: Travel Tax-free, which is the company behind duty-free shop payment systems; and Datapraxis, a company providing strategic advice, public opinion research, modelling and analysis services to political parties, non-profits, media and research institutes across Europe. We're also excited about the contract extension with Hireflix, a B2B SaaS company from Barcelona focusing on async video interviews. A big thanks for choosing us as your tech partner!

Our events 📅

July 19th: Ross McNairn (CPTO @ TravelPerk)
 📍 Venue: TravelPerk premises, BCN
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