Blasting into 2023 🚀

We're kicking off the year by doing a recap of our historic 2022 and some of the landmarks we've accomplished as a company and taking a look into 2023, with some hints regarding what we will research as a company and new technologies we will be tinkering with. You can listen to the episode either in English or Spanish 👇🏻

Tech stuff 💡

Iterating on pull requests - don't squash commits!
Here's a small piece of advice for starting developers regarding pull requests on git from our Tech Lead Oriol Collell. He shares how we like to work with pull requests and commits at MarsBased because we have seen it's something that new developers aren't taught, especially those that have learned by themselves and/or have never worked as part of a bigger company.
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A Rails Performance Guidebook: from 0 to 1B requests/day
RailsConf 2022 - By Cristian Planas
Building a feature is not good enough anymore: all your work won't be of use if it's not performant enough. So how to improve performance? In this presentation at the Rails Conf 2022, Cristian Planas guides you across patterns, strategies, and little tricks to improve performance.
Comparing LocomotiveCMS and WordPress
WordPress and LocomotiveCMS are two popular content management systems (CMS) that are often used for building and managing websites. Both have their own unique features and capabilities, and choosing the right one for your project can be a challenging decision. In this blog post, we will compare WordPress and LocomotiveCMS to help you make an informed decision.
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Life on Mars Podcast 🎙 

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Our clients 🤝 

Expanding into geographical horizons
We're expanding our horizons to new countries as is the case with South Korea. We've just kicked off a new project for, for which we'll be building a tool to promote music artists from Korea.

Our events 📅 

TODAY: Startup Grind 2023 Kick-off Networking Event
 📍 Venue: D9 Bar, BCN
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Feb 28th: Corporate Innovation Summit
 📍 Venue: Enel Barcelona
Come after the Mobile World Congress for an after-work session with the CIOs and Heads of Innovation of the best companies in Europe, the best community in town, dinner and cold beer.
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Participating at other events
Feb 9th: Investor Day Scale Up 2023
 📍 Valencia
Our CEO, Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit, will be the guest speaker at the Investor Day Scale Up sharing his experience on how to and not to invest in startups. The event will take place ant the European Business and Innovation Center of Valencia. You can register here.
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