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A cleaner implementation of Schema.org using JSON

Schema.org has been around for some years now, but recently they introduced a cleaner implementation that doesn't mess up with your code so much as the first one, this time by using JSON.

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How to create a fast, secure, and SEO-oriented landing page for free

Learn how to create landing pages that are secure, fast and SEO-oriented for free with Jekyll & Middleman

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If you're not writing, you're losing sales: here's the why and how of blogging for business

If you're running a company and you're not blogging, you're doing it wrong.

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The MarsBased SEO guidelines

We work a lot with web applications, and we need to apply SEO everywhere. Here's what we do.

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The MarsBased CSS & HTML guidelines

Find out how we organise in our frontend projects and the tools we use.

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