We've adopted Linear for project (and company) management!

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At MarsBased, we like to review our workflows, tools and policies every now and then because what it used to be good for us, might not be the right fit now. For instance, last year, we changed our project management tool from JIRA to Linear.

Towards the end of 2021, thanks to our ex-colleague Daniel Gómez, who recommended the tool, we ditched JIRA and replaced it with Linear.

Linear is a development-oriented project management tool, with issues, boards, views, cycles, etc. It’s specifically designed for development but you can use it for whatever you want. What a change it has meant for our company!

Linear - Image from their website

Before using Linear, we had tested everything: Trello, Github Projects, Notion, Monday, JIRA… Linear is at a whole new level. If you haven’t tried it and you are a development team, give it a go. It has everything you can expect from a tool of this kind but it works, and very fast. You can use it almost exclusively with keyboard shortcuts and it’s visually very pleasant. A dream come true, right?

Linear - Command menu

Now, we use Linear to manage not only our development projects but also other areas of the company, like the recruitment, the management work, the Startup Grind Barcelona chapter, or the Martian Tapas (a weekly internal event that we do with the team). The sky is the limit!

Jordi Vendrell Farreny

Jordi Vendrell Farreny

Librarian turned into web developer. Jordi runs operations & financials at MarsBased. He is also in charge of putting quality and order in everything we do, not only in our projects. He's the Samurai of the company.

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