Presenting our new looks and a shiny new newsletter

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Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Founder & CEO
Presenting our new looks and a shiny new newsletter

After almost two years since we last upgraded our website, we decided to up our game to reflect the kind of company we are now.

Lo and behold! We're proud to announce our new corporate logos, slogan, the Spanish version of the site and our newsletter!

New slogan and logos

First, we have updated our logos. We wanted to give them a fresher look, and to unify them in all the document templates and social media profiles we've got to have more professional looks. After all, we've been running the company for over four years and we're serving some really big companies.

On the top-left corner of our website you saw the round logo before it swapped to the horizontal one when you scrolled down. There's also the reduced version, which you can see in our social profiles like on our Twitter profile.

While we really liked our previous logos, we all agreed they needed to be improved to appear as a bigger & more consolidated company.

On the other hand, we had never paid too much attention to our slogan. To be frank, it's been something we've been tweaking since we started, but to which we never dedicated the best part of our grey matter. We just happened to need one and we said "let's write something to get out of the way and we'll think of something better later".

Obviously, that later never came.

MarsBased Website

This time, we sat down to conceptualise what we wanted to convey as a company, so we wanted to have an effective & memorable slogan.

Our very own Bego, which you might remember from her blog post about being an Office Manager in an oficeless company, came up with Alien ideas, Human code, which truly reflects what we wanted to explain.

In her words:

Bego Echeverria
Bego Echeverria Office manager

Alien ideas refers to our vision as a company: why we're a specialised Ruby on Rails & Angular agency, why we have this consolidated tech-stack, the in-depth knowledge and seniority of our Martian team, our strong company culture and our determination to make things differently - all obviously linked to the concept of being based on Mars!

Human code refers to what we do for a living, which we perceive as a craft, made by humans. But it also applies to our code of ethics, the labor culture inspired in the books Rework & Remote, and the importance given to the human value, which reflects on how the company treats both its employees and its clients. Felt just right to counterpose our Alien side to our Human touch.

I couldn't have explained it better! We loved the idea of having a company that does crazy things like not having an office or saying 'no' to loads of clients, which at the same time speaks Human language. We make development easy for our clients.

Spanish version of the website

While it's true that we work for companies from the Middle East, UK, Finland or both coasts of the US, we also have got many customers in Spain. Not suprising, being based in Barcelona.

Since we're growing as a company, we also want to diversify our clients' procedence, so we thought we'd invest in translating our website, to see if this actually brought us more local clients.

Last, but not least, we do rank quite well in English searches on Google like "Ruby on Rails consultancy", but we virtually don't exist in Spanish. We're hoping to correct this with the Spanish version of our website.


The icing on the cake is our brand new newsletter. We want to be able to stay top of the mind when our friends and business colleagues need development.

We have included a widget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter on the blog section of this website, but you can also subscribe using this link.

In every edition of the newsletter, we will update you on what we've been up to, and share discounts to our events, our best blog entries, and other useful articles about development, productivity, management, running a business, UX and much more.

Check our first edition here: Welcome to the MarsBased newsletter!

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