Pathfinder is a Project Template we bundled for applications built with Ruby on Rails, to speed up the initial phases of web development projects.

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Write code the Martian way (with style)! In this repo, you will find our MarsBased code linter rules for Ruby and Typescript.

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Rosetta Gem

Rosetta Gem is a library for Rails to help you to identify the translations being used on your application's pages.

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SVG-to-Sass function converter that facilitates the usage of icons and other SVGs in your application.

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MarsMan is a frontend framework for starting new projects we built using Middleman. It helps us to build the basic look & feel of our projects.

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Slack Form Webhooks

To manage our Slack community of startups from Barcelona, we developed a Sinatra app to receive webhook notifications from Typeform and send Slack invites.

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