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Startup Grind Barcelona

Since April 2014, we have been organising Startup Grind in Barcelona, hosting an event month after month without a break. So far, we have welcomed more than 5000 entrepreneurs in over 50 events thus far, with an average attendance of 150 people.

We conduct fireside chats with distinguished founders, investors, CTOs, and all sorts of experts who want to explain the highs and lows of their entrepreneurial journey. We charge an entrance fee to make sure that only genuinely interested people come to the event.

Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs. Startup Grind is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and has a chapter in over 300 cities in more than 115 different countries worldwide. Make sure you check out the videos of our fireside chats on Youtube.

After a year and a half running Startup Grind in Barcelona, we detected that our attendees had no way to keep in touch between events. At the same time, many companies and initiatives started to create new platforms to aggregate and connect all entrepreneurs and startups in Barcelona to no avail.

Enter Slack. Slack was conceived as a company communication tool and has been largely adopted as such. Why reinventing the wheel when other initiatives like Startup Grind, Nomadlist and Ruby on Rails use it for their communities?

Thus, we created Startups BCN, a Slack community for the Barcelona startups and entrepreneurs, where we share news, blog posts, job offerings, new trends, we team up to go to events... Join the party! We're more than 1000 members nowadays!

Startup Grind Barcelona Conference

In October 2017, we celebrated our first Startup Grind Barcelona Conference, with a two-days event that bridged Barcelona and San Francisco. Both cities have been sister cities since 2010 and have a direct flight between them since June 2017. That's why we brought a bunch of entrepreneurs and VCs from Silicon Valley to share their experiences in our conference.

Circa 700 like-minded entrepreneurs met for two days and learnt from the best speakers in our conference. We learnt from the founders & investors of Couchsurfing, HotelTonight, Typeform, Kantox, Blablacar and many more.

We're selling tickets for the second edition, already!

Startup Digest is the the personalised insider newsletter for all things startup in Barcelona and around the world. To most entrepreneurs, Startup Digest is the number one newsletter to keep updated with everything that's going on in their own cities & the cities they travel to.

After having curated the Startup Grind Barcelona newsletter, we felt we needed to reach a broader to make more impact and to give more value to the Barcelona startup community, so we started curating Startup Digest in our beloved city. Nowadays, it's got circa 5000 subscribers.

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