Introducing the MarsBased Employee Handbook!

Captain's log, stardate d466.y38/AB

We've published our employee handbook for everyone to enjoy, learn or take inspiration from. We love giving back to the community!

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We've been running our company for well over five years now. When we started it, we never imagined we'd grow to a payroll of twenty people now, including full-time members and contractors.

Onboarding people the right way is as important as hiring the right people for your company. However, with every new hire, complexity in the company increases: more people, more processes, more tools, more things you should know and more things I should tell you during the onboarding process.

In order to prevent forgetting things during the onboarding process, we decided to set certain things in stone. A centralised document of reference for new hires, and even for current employees to find answers to some of the most common questions.

In this document, the MarsBased employee handbook, you will find answers to our budget allowances, our company culture, the different roles within the company, the tools we use and some guidelines and how-to's - among other useful stuff.

In the spirit of transparency, we have decided to release our employee handbook publicly. Transparency is one of our core values and one of the pillars of our company culture as a 100%-distributed team.

We've decided to release it on Github because we're developers. We spend a significant part of our day on Github, and it's most natural for us to work there.

Hope you will like it: MARSBASED HANDBOOK

This is a living document, so expect changes and updates over time.

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit

Developer who transitioned to the dark side: business development. Currently in charge of growth & strategy, by creating problems and then solving them. Guinness World Record in completing Day of the Tentacle in three hours.

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