Alien ideas,
human code

Expert developers in Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React and Angular, boosting other companies using technology and agile methodologies


Do you speak Martian?

Before we start working on your project, let's have a chat and get to know one another.

Definition & Design

We bring our experience in software engineering to guide you through the definition of the project UI and UX.


We use Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React, Angular and other frameworks to build highly-scalable and fully-tested projects.


We take care of stage provisioning using Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes, and other state-of-the-art tools.

Monitoring & Support

We will continuously monitor the project and report to you with only relevant data so you can focus on your obligations.

Tech Audits

Because of our expertise in the technologies we work with, we can perform health checks of your apps.

Training & Hiring

Avoid technological locks & long project takeovers by letting us train your team and helping you to grow it.

Strategic Consulting

We will find the best way to make your project successful in the long run so we can grow together.

Ready for take-off?

Our clients value long-term relationships, quality over quantity, and want to grow their businesses.

We Are What We Do

We do business the same way we approach life: with our heads up, a limitless mindset, and strong core values. We take on projects the same way we engage with technology: with a fascination for novelty, endless enthusiasm, and creative sophistication.

We contribute to the local entrepreneurial scene by organising Startup Grind Barcelona, curating Startup Digest and managing an open Slack community for entrepreneurs and startups in Barcelona. You can chat with us there!

Benefits of working with MarsBased

Business oriented

We don't just speak tech. We understand business and combine the two of them when we develop. We also leverage our worldwide network and strong marketing knowledge to your advantage.


Our team of senior developers does not become blocked when the road is not clear. Our proactive approach ensures that we've got always work to do and we will come up with different options to tackle the unknowns.

Communication and transparency

Because we are a remote team, our communication skills are really strong. We report weekly and are always available for calls. Code is yours from the very beginning, and no surprises in the bills or the deadlines.

High specialisation

Our team is specialised in Ruby on Rails, Node.js and JavaScript frontend frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js, etc). Clean code, simplicity, and code reviews guarantee the long-term maintainability of your project.

Learn about what we are doing for all these clients!

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