Thank you, Startup Digest community!

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Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Fundador & CEO
Thank you, Startup Digest community!

I remember when I submitted my first Startup Grind BCN event to Startup Digest. After a few days, that event was sent out to thousands of subscribers and I got my first registrations to the event. We had about 80 people turning up.

Startup Digest was my go-to place to promote our events between 2014 and 2015, until I found out that for a good while, no one had been running it anymore, so in 2016, I stepped up for the challenge and we decided to curate it from MarsBased.

Over the years, we've sent hundreds of issues, averaging over 45 issues per year, which is not bad, considering it's a weekly newsletter.

We event sent it out during the pandemic, back when online events and webinars were all the rage, and for a while, we even included other interesting content in the newsletter, like interesting startups, founder profiles and podcasts/articles.

We had so much fun... and I say we, because after a couple of years, I brought in someone else with my, the Head of People at MarsBased, my company, our very own Leire. She signed the newsletters for the last 5 years.

We had so much fun, I was saying, that we hosted Jessica Ford, the face of Startup Digest on our podcast, Life on Mars.

But all good things come to an end...

Now, I feel like we have to focus on something else.

Startup Digest helped us on the way up, and I feel like we have helped others along the way. I took it when our company was barely five or six programmers, and now we're twenty.

As a CEO, I have learnt where to place my focus, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed running and co-curating Startup Digest in Barcelona, it's time to pass it onto someone else. Someone with more hunger, better ideas and more love for this community.

Someone I trust. Someone I've co-founded a few things with.

From now on, Carlos Cruz (CEO @ Iyi Events) and his team will be responsible for Startup Digest in Barcelona. They will kick ass.

As for us, we are looking forward to delegating a couple of things more to place them in better hands, so we can do less but better. As a growing company, we have to focus on our long-term mission, and as an individual, I think it is important to know when to step up, but it's as important, or even more so, to know when to step down.

You will find me writing stuff on Twitter, on the MarsBased podcast or at the Startup Grind BCN events. If you think I can help you in any way, kindly drop me an email.

Thanks for the support all these years. Feels great to know there's someone on the receiving end of a newsletter with one of the highest open rates in the industry.

You've made it worthwhile.

See you around.

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