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We're no longer curating Startup Digest at MarsBased

Thank you, Startup Digest community!

After almost eight years curating Startup Digest in Barcelona, we have passed the baton to one of our best friends. You are now in good hands.

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MarsBased space station

What we're working on in 2024

Read this blog post if you want to find out what we're working on nowadays (May 2024) and who are our current clients!

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Remote worker at sunset

Our take on remote work

Remote work has been discussed quite a lot lately. After the end of the COVID pandemic a couple of years ago, many companies that had adopted remote working have returned to the office and rejected this way of working. Others, like MarsBased, continue to embrace remote working as we were born with this philosophy and have never stopped believing in it.

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Futuristic skyscrapers, neon style

Welcome back, Gespasa!

We have been helping the Catalan firm Gespasa over the years with Ruby on Rails and React development. This year, we have signed a new contract to keep helping them with more development.

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An astronaut writing a journal

Our weekly internal digest: Martian Chronicles

Here's a blog post explaining how we write an internal intel post for our team with everything they ought to know for the week. A great way to enhance their async experience!

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Three years of MarsBased podcast - Life on Mars

Recap of the third year of the Life on Mars podcast

In its third year, the Life on Mars podcast continued to connect globally, reaching audiences in 77 countries and featuring insights from industry leaders. Despite a challenging year, it remained a key platform for MarsBased, fostering worldwide engagement and generating impactful business leads.

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Rocket blast-off

New website!

We have launched our new website to take our content to new heights!

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Speeding up views rendering in Rails 4

Here's some technical post for the Rails folks out there. If you're into performance optimisation, this is for you!

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Can't believe this is happening

It's been around two years apart, and none of us could really believe meeting again in person was actually happening.

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Celebrating with Martian Breakfasts!

As time goes by, we have more stuff worth celebrating in the company going on, so we've decided to take it up a notch and celebrate small and big teams with a joint virtual breakfast on the company!

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We've adopted Linear for project (and company) management!

We've adopted Linear for project (and company) management!

At MarsBased, we like to review our workflows, tools and policies every now and then because what it used to be good for us, might not be the right fit now. For instance, last year, we changed our project management tool from JIRA to Linear.

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Thank you

Thank you 2021 (???!?!?!)

2021 has been one hell of a ride. It has brought us the best and worst moments as a company, so we want to acknowledge all we've done and everyone who has supported us along the way.

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