Our New Year resolutions for 2020

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Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Fundador & CEO
Our New Year resolutions for 2020

Like a lot of people on Earth, we like to share our New Year resolutions to keep progressing in our careers. Some of our team members share theirs on this blog post!

Having a 100%-distributed team comes with a set of challenges. One of them is that it is undoubtedly more difficult to bond with your team over the internet, and therefore, all-remote companies need to spend more time thinking about how to overcome this challenge.

We meet up pretty frequently during the year, and we complement our regular meetings with other initiatives such as this one, whereby we all share our new year resolutions to keep learning from one another.

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Let's see what some of our Martians have got in store for 2020!

Oriol Collell - Backend Developer

Oriol committed to getting into healthier habits last year, like hiking more. He spent some weeks hiking around the Himalayas for his honeymoon, in 2019!

Oriol Collell
Oriol Collell Backend Developer

In 2020, I want to improve my organizational skills when working on multiple projects at the same time. Our CTO, Xavier Redó, has managed to develop a set of tools and techniques from which I can learn a lot.

On the technical side, I want to get deeper into Docker for development. My goal is to dockerize all projects I work on and end up doing a clean install of my computer to need ONLY Docker and an editor to work on any project.

I also plan on improving my database administration skills, by getting deeper into database maintenance, among other things.

Pablo Rivera - Full-Stack Developer

Pablo is on his way to turn three inside the company. Well known for being the artist (he draws really well and pushes us to do Inktober with him) and for being able to speak Japanese!

Pablo Rivera
Pablo Rivera

This year has been a good one in terms of scheduling my daily life. I started trying to not limit the time/hobbies I wanted to do, but just doing them. That made me read more books than in previous years and spend a lot of hours drawing or playing the guitar. I'm quite happy with the outcome.

My main objectives this new year are maintaining the healthy routines I managed to adopt. Exercising and caring about my meals is one, as is to continue spending my time in valuable activities, avoiding social networks more often, and instead learn further to improve my skills.

Professionally, I want to jump out of my comfort zone and try new languages or frameworks. I need new insights and points of view to continue growing.

Apart from that, this year I canceled my Amazon Prime account and discovered that sometimes I bought stuff there just because I could. In 2020, I want to continue doubting about my behaviours to discover more improvable adopted conducts. We have to be critic with ourselves.

Jordi Vendrell - COO

Jordi usually juggles his dedication between several parts of the company. As director of operations, he works on improving processes, manages project planning, helps with sales and takes care of hiring, financials and some project management too, among other things. What would we do without him? 😱

Jordi Vendrell
Jordi Vendrell Fundador & COO

In 2020, I would like to get more involved in our projects. I've spent the last couple of years really focused on company organization duties such as hiring, sales or planning, and now I'm getting back to project management work (which is something I have always enjoyed).

I would also love to contribute to spreading our company culture, keep improving our processes and making our company the best possible place to work.

On the personal side, my goals are the same as every year: do more sport, eat healthier and organize my family life better. It's not that I don't do it right now, but you can always improve.

David Gómez - Backend Developer

David is right now the employee that has been with us for the longest time. We hired him in 2015 and has been in pretty much every project of the company.

David Gómez
David Gómez Full-Stack Developer

In 2020 I want to continue living the healthy life I've adopted last year, doing sport 4 times per week and eating leaner.

As I usually spend a considerable amount of time playing videogames, I really like to start to learn 2D-games basics using Unity (which I tried some years ago...) or similar technology while being able to play the guitar as a habit (4h per week, at least).

Every year, I push myself to continue improving my English skills, by watching series and movies in original version.

Genís Matutes - Full-Stack Developer

Genís joined the Martian Spaceship before the summer of 2019, so it's his first time sharing his resolutions (or lack thereof!):

Genis Matutes
Genis Matutes

I don't really have nor believe in new year resolutions. Over the years, I've realised they were just another way of procrastination for me.

I just want to keep the good habits I already have: my martial arts training, eating better every day, reading one book per month and being productive in my creative hobbies during my spare time. I'd also like to keep working on being humbler and spending more time with friends and family.

Mario Nunes - Backend Developer

Mario is our most recent hire. He's been barely two months with us but feels like he's been forever working at MarsBased!

Mario Nunes
Mario Nunes

In 2020, I would like to have more experience working in frontend. I want to improve my skills with Angular, for instance. I have been working as a backend developer for a few years and I am happy to leave the dark side a bit. It must be rewarding to develop UI.

Here are some things that I want to do from now on:

  • Start to work at 6.00 am
  • Recover from my foot injury.
  • Walk more than 10.000 steps per day.
  • Lose weight in a normal and healthy way.
  • Continue with the Jacob's way (Camino de Santiago) from where I left off.
  • Improve my health habits.
  • Improve my English skills to the next level.

Leire Oiarbide - Office Manager

Leire also joined in the first half of 2019, to help us run our company in a more efficient and rational way. She's been enabling us to work on a higher level from the get-go!

Leire Oiarbide
Leire Oiarbide Head of People Operations

In 2020, I’d like to improve my organizational-multitasking skills, especially by exploring new applications that can help me to better organize and use my time. My colleagues are a great inspiration in that sense, as they are using diverse and very interesting approaches. I’d also like to get to know each Martian a bit closer so that I can better help to make life in Mars a satisfying and rewarding experience.

On the personal side, I’d like to continue writing my morning pages and reading more... a minimum of a book per month. I’d like to take English lessons once a week mainly to improve my conversational skills. I’d like to get back to my everyday meditation practice and I’d also like to dedicate more time to creative things, such as cooking tasty recipes for my friends.

Àlex Rodríguez - CEO

2019 has been a transitional year for me. I have become a person of habits, by working on my goals a little bit every day of the year.

Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit
Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit Fundador & CEO

I want to continue the daily habits I started last year:

  • Write a piece of content (newsletter, blog post, twitter thread, etc.).
  • Work out at least 30 minutes.
  • Get rid of an object.
  • Read 30 minutes.
  • Write a post on LinkedIn.
  • Walk 30 minutes.
  • Read an article from Pocket.
  • Push code to GitHub.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption.

This year, I'm adding two more items to work on every day: play guitar and study a foreign language (I'm learning Greek, but want to get back to learning German and French).

These habits need to bring me to my goals of the year: cut down drinking to half of what I do now, lose circa 15kg, learn a new programming language, read 33 books, start playing in a band again and speak fluent Greek.

David Garmendia - Frontend Developer

After spending two years in Barcelona, David moved back to Asturias towards the end of 2019 to be closer to his family.

David Garmendia
David Garmendia Frontend Developer

I've made good progress on last year's resolutions, but I'm still struggling to keep/achieve some of them.

Professionally, this year, I want to learn Vue. At least its basics so I can judge it better when comparing it with other libraries, and I want to improve my JavaScript skills digging into the Node.js ecosystem.

I'd like to be more consistent in my exercise routine. I've been moving between cities several times in the last few years, and that impacted my habits. Right now I'm exercising 3 times per week and I want to keep or improve this frequency.

This year, I'll try to plan every menu weekly so I can eat healthier. I wish that helps too with managing my free time, so I don't have to cook every day.

As some of my mates, I'd like to increase the number and quality of the books I read. Last year, I focused too much on the number and I found myself stuck in books that I didn't find interesting.

Ecologically speaking, the past year was great as I could adjust my food habits (no plastic, local food, season fruits, etc) and that impacted my carbon footprint. This year, I'd like to read more about it and learn how to improve it even more.

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