Rocket launch

A new website and four things you should know about MarsBased

We launched a new website to communicate our internal changes. Learn more about MarsBased!

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Expanding the MarsBased team (again)

As the company grows older, the team grows in size. Here's a recap of what we've been through while expanding the Martian fleet!

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Football match at night

Our new year's resolutions for 2016

For the second year in a row, our team shares their new year's resolutions!

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Looking back to 2015: a year from out of this world

After surviving our second year, we blogged about what we've been through! Enjoy it!

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How to build CSS grids: floats vs inline blocks

Two options for one of the biggest debates in the frontend world.

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How to handle client work remotely: our communication Stack

We use this communication stack to manage client work remotely.

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The MarsBased CSS & HTML guidelines

Find out how we organise in our frontend projects and the tools we use.

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Presenting the Barcelona Startups community on Slack

Join our open Slack community for entrepreneurs and startups in Barcelona.

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Metal works

Code refactoring: when, why and who

While code refactoring is cool and appealing, it's not the right choice always.

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Five reasons why your company should organise an event

We have been organising Startup Grind since April 2014, and we think it's a great idea. Why don't you do the same?

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How to create a blogging strategy for your company

Read about our blogging strategy at MarsBased.

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Working remotely from Berlin

Two of us spent a good ten days in Berlin, the capital of Germany, and this has been our experience.

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