Expanding the team again: looking for a fullstack developer

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Expanding the team again: looking for a fullstack developer

MarsBased is a growing business. Well into our third year of operations, we need to expand our team to support our growing list of clients.

Are you a fullstack developer with over 3 years experience in Ruby on Rails, a strong liking for JavaScript and want to work remotely? Then, continue reading!

Barely a few weeks after having found our first Office Manager / Executive Assistant, we have started the search for another fullstack developer to join our fantastic team. Read the job description for a fullstack developer.

Both hires are strategic for the company, and paramount in our mission to scale up the business. By freeing up the three founders, we will be able to concentrate fully on bringing more business into the company.

Our new Office Manager / Executive Assistant will start on the first week of September (more on that in the next blog posts!), and we expect to find a new full stack developer shortly to work on internal projects & help to cater our new clients.

Hire when you can, not when you need it

MarsBased team

In one of our most visited blog posts, we wrote about the most-common mistakes companies do when hiring developers. Read it here: How to Find and Hire Developers for Your Company.

For me, one of the worst mistakes companies do is going to look for talent when they need it - many times, already too late. Perhaps derived from the old mantra "hire slow, fire fast", companies delay hiring until it's definitely critical, thus contacting candidates with an aggressive sense of urgency.

Understandably, startups might neither have the funds nor the time to hire when they need it. This was our case until very recently.

Both the aforementioned Office Manager / Executive Assistant (need to find a shorter name for the title!) and this fullstack developer will be hired because of two reasons: first of all, we think they will boost our performance and help us grow as a company, and second, we can afford it.

Could we do without them? Absolutely. Nothing would happen, besides probably having to say no to a few more clients.

However, our business vision is to grow the company organically until we'll have 20-30 people. This way, we will have a solid-packed team of the best software developers out there whilst still keeping a strong company culture.

Adding a new developer to the mix

The consulting company paradox is the following: in order to grow your business, you need more & bigger clients. In order to serve these clients, you have to grow your team, thus increasing your expenses, which does almost never reflect into your profits. On the contrary: if not done right, your profit might be reduced.

This is why we're incorporating a new developer. We want to have someone always ready for new opportunities (some of our potential clients discard us because we're booked up for the next two-three months, and they can't wait that much for the project to start), and to keep building our internal projects.

Ideally, this developer will have fullstack competencies. We're looking for a senior Ruby on Rails developer with a strong liking for client-side JavaScript frameworks.

For the frontend, we usually use Angular (with TypeScript) and Vue for smaller projects where all the Angular capabilities are not needed. But we also want to look into React and other options.

We want to be able to cater our clients by giving the best services and choosing from a wider toolbelt.

Working at MarsBased

One of the differentiation points of our company is the company culture. We have solidified the MarsBased way of doing things over the years.

If you want to be able to manage your time and choose where you want to work from, we're a company that's 100% remote. We don't have an office: we're officeless. Therefore, you need to be very proactive and a good communicator.

Because we have no office, we do a lot of activities together: we meet every two months for the no-client-work Martian Day, we do two company dinners (Summer, Christmas), we recently did our first company retreat and we go to conferences like Fullstackfest or EuRuKo every year. Therefore, we'd rather hire someone who lives 2-3 hours of plane away, to spare you from spending too much time flying to attend our joint activities.

Further, if you believe in writing clean code maintainable over time, know that simpler is better - or its variant less is more-, and you are convinced that quality is better than quantity, then it's very likely that you'll be a good fit for us.

If you're looking to step up in your career and want to apply for the position, drop us a line at [email protected] with your CV & Github account!

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