Learn about the story of MarsBased in these events!

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Learn about the story of MarsBased in these events!

This year, we've turned five. As our company grows, it's not a surprise that we get invited to speak at events. Meet us in these events in the coming weeks!

2018 was one of the best years of the company, and that's why we summarised it on a blog post. We found many a new client, we sold out most of our Startup Grind Barcelona events, we did our company retreat in Dublin and we grew the company to eleven people, among other cool things!

These five years have been a very exciting ride, with many ups but also a few downs, and most of all, full of learnings.

Over the course of these years, we have been speaking at some events here and there. Our CTO, Xavi, and some of our developers have been giving talks at tech events and some development bootcamps, and our COO, Jordi, has spoken in universities a few times. Sometimes we speak about technologies, and sometimes we speak about business and entrepreneurship.

I, as CEO, get most of the speaking engagements in conferences and bigger events, and I mostly talk about how we started MarsBased and hard truths of entrepreneurship through lessons learnt.

If you want to listen to our story and have a good time, check out the following events!

The B-Table, at BCombinator (May 28th)

BCombinator is a coworking space from the Poblenou area, in Barcelona. We interviewed their President, Erik Brieva at our Startup Grind Tech Conference 2019 (watch the interview with Erik Brieva, CEO @ Strands and President @ BCombinator here).

Now, he's interviewing me on Tuesday, May 28th at 18:30h. The event will be conducted in Spanish.


Key aspects when you want to launch your business (June 18th)

One of the keynotes I've been giving throughout the years is about how to get your business off the ground. First-time entrepreneurs are oftentimes blocked by stupid excuses like "I don't have a team" or "I don't have a good name for the company" (heard that one too many times).

I will address these concerns and many other myths about entrepreneurship in a rapid-fire keynote/workshop of how to get started in business.

The event will be held on June 18th between 19h and 21h at Imagin Café and will be conducted in English.


Inspiring Workplaces: Building a company culture around remote working (June 19th)

Our buddies at Utopicus, one of the coolest coworking spaces in Barcelona, organise a recurring meetup about how to build organisations.

In this case, I will talk about our 100%-remote company and how we organise our distributed team to run a software development consultancy with clients from all around the globe.

Come join us on June 19th at 9h in the morning in Utopicus Plaça Catalunya. The event will be conducted in Spanish.


Presentation of the book "Camino al exit(o)" (July 10th)

I will forever remember 2019 for many reasons, one of them being my first book Camino al exit(o), where I explained the entrepreneurial journey and concepts of business and entrepreneurship through 15 interviews I conducted at Startup Grind Barcelona.

Even though the book has been out for a couple of months already, the official presentation will be held on July 10th at 19:30 at Casa del Libro (Passeig de Gràcia, 62). The event is limited to 40 people.


Fireside chat @ Startup Grind Glasgow's Summer Party (July 18th)

Most people know me in Barcelona as the Startup Grind guy. We've hosted over 65 events in five years, including three annual conferences.

Little do people know that I've been the Startup Grind speaker in a few chapters over the world, including Chisinau (Moldova), Casablanca (Morocco), Gibraltar or Venice (Italy).

My next stop will be in Glasgow, on July 18th for their Summer Party, where I will be interviewed and therefore preventing people from drinking too early in their Summer Party.

Register for free in the link below. The event will be hosted in, well, English with a strong Scottish accent.


See you around!

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