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Horizontally scale your IoT backends with MQTT Shared Subscriptions

Scale IoT backends horizontally with MQTT Shared Subscriptions

In IoT architectures, choosing the right broker and strategy for consuming data is crucial. I recommend using message broker rules for scalability. If that doesn't fit your needs, consider messaging protocol strategies such as MQTT Shared Subscriptions.

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MQTT Broker for IOT

Comparison of MQTT Brokers for IoT

In our recent IoT project for Ecler, we designed their cloud platform and supporting systems for connected amplifiers and sound systems. During the development, we tested three message broker solutions: Mosquitto, NanoMQ, and EMQX. Here are the pros and cons we found for each one of them.

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Ecler booth at ISE 2024

MarsBased at ISE 2024

We attended ISE 2024 with Ecler, one of our most well-known clients, to present EclerCLOUD, a solution we have built with React, Remix, and Node.js and the EMQX message broker to sync devices with the AWS cloud.

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