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Astronauts working

Empowering (introvert) tech teams through asynchronous work

Discover how asynchronous work models are revolutionising the tech industry, offering unprecedented flexibility and empowerment for diverse workforce needs. Learn from our unique approach how this model fuels productivity in teams of introverts.

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An astronaut writing a journal

Our weekly internal digest: Martian Chronicles

Here's a blog post explaining how we write an internal intel post for our team with everything they ought to know for the week. A great way to enhance their async experience!

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Space fight against the evil empire

Bootstrapped businesses, async & remote with Amir Salihefendic (CEO @ Doist)

Discover how Amir Salihefendic bootstrapped his way to success with his company Doist, challenging the norm in the tech world! Tune into our latest podcast episode where we explore sustainable business models and effective asynchronous communication.

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Betting hard on async

Why async work is the future of work: a life-changing approach for location-independent and happier professionals. A big bet for us, as a company.

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