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MarsBased is an application development company highly specialized in Ruby on Rails, based in Barcelona.

We build our apps using Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Elastic search, HTML5, CSS3, Sass and other awesome state-of-the-art technologies, while applying agile development methodologies. With all these tools under our belt, we can build a killer app for you!

We are a development company with the DNA of a startup. Largely inspired by the Lean Startup methodology, we develop applications the artisan way while getting involved with your company, building elegant and high-quality solutions. More than a provider, we become your partner all throughout the project.

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What we offer

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App Design

App Design

Our elegant designs are based on HTML5, CSS3 and front-end frameworks. Our apps are designed to enhance UX, offer pixel-level detail and cross-device and -platform compatibility.



At MarsBased we develop using Ruby on Rails & Angular JS. We boost our productivity with agile methodologies and fully tested apps to offer you elegant, scalable & maintainable solutions.



Don't worry about having to set up your environments. We prepare and automate the installation & deployment of your app. Everything's stored in the cloud, accessible at all times.


Monitoring & Support

Sit back and relax. After the development and deployment, we monitor your application and take care of it for as long as you need. We developed the app, so we know how it works!

Outstanding designs

Simple, elegant and smooth, MarsBased designs go to pixel-level detail. Design is how something works, so our designs are centered around usability and functionality.

Ridin' the wave

At MarsBased we use state-of-the-art technologies and the latest development trends. In the MarsBased spaceship there's no place for obsolete technologies.

Beyond the borders

The MarsBased crew speaks many languages. Common understanding lies beyond language and physical barriers. Wherever you live, whatever language you speak, we adapt to your needs.

Success Stories

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Barcelona Startup Map

The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Barcelona

Barcelona has built up a very powerful entrepreneurial ecosystem. The number of startups, investors, accelerators and other players is growing rapidly.

Together with the Barcelona City Council & Barcelona Activa, we've developed Barcelona Startup Map, an app that displays the status of the Barcelona entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join the others and sign up to be featured in the map!

Join the map!

Startup Grind Barcelona

Website & Technological Partner

MarsBased is the technological partner of Startup Grind Barcelona.

We have developed an elegant informational website for Startup Grind Barcelona to help them promote the event and get in touch with the local community.

Startup Grind is a monthly event that inspires, educates and connects entrepreneurs worldwide, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

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Startup Circle in Barcelona

Supporting the local scene

We have created a startup circle of trust with a group of local startups and entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this circle is to help one another grow through collaboration and teamwork. The circle allows each member to focus on what they're best at by delegating tasks among the others.

If you want to read more about our startup circle, follow our social profiles and stay tuned. If you want to join, drop us a line at hola@marsbased.com.


Where all your recipes want to be

Born to be our first product, Cookin.me will become your favourite cookbook.

Are you a professional chef? Have you recently taken up cooking lessons? Want to show off your sushi skills? Cookin.me is a digital cookbook where you can create, edit and organize all of your cooking recipes. Easy as a pie.

Give Cookin.me to the cook in you!

Coming Soon!