As a development agency focused on web and mobile projects, the vast majority of our profiles are technical.

Every one of our technical employees is proficient in either Ruby or JavaScript (and their frameworks: Rails, Sinatra, Angular, React...) or both. You can find their profiles on our Team page.

MarsBased Team

We're currently at 18 employees, all of them with a full-time contract, of mostly backend, frontend and full-stack developers, and also an Office(less) Manager. You can learn more about what an Office Manager does in an oficeless company in her blog post: I'm an Office Manager in an Officeless Company, so... What Am I Supposed to Do?

Since we have multiple clients, we rotate the developers from project to project at least once a year, but always with our customers' consent. This avoids employee burnout and helps to bring fresher ideas with outside of the box thinking.

Xavier redo
Xavier RedóCTO at MarsBased

All our employees are senior in their position and can hit the ground running whilst managing themselves.

Therefore, our developers are reliable, self-managed, responsible, proactive, highly skilled, and communicate efficiently.

Despite being an all-remote company, we are a very cohesive team. Those who reside in Barcelona, used to work together from a coworking space on Wednesdays and meet sometimes to spend some time together, and we meet the rest of the folks once every two months in the Martian Days.

The Martian Day is a one-day company get-together where we do our hands-on sessions, some workshops and spend quality time together as a team in Barcelona. We tend to wrap up our Martian Days with some team activity like football matches or company dinners.

On alternate months, we celebrate two-days hackathons called Zerg Rush to work on internal projects. As a result of these Zerg Rushes, we have created our style guides, templates for our projects, new editions of our website and even our first gems!

Once a year, we also go to tech conferences like FullStackFest or the EuRuKo, the European Ruby conference. Once a year as well, we do our company retreat, where we travel all together to spend some days abroad.

If you want to join our company, feel free to apply for any of the open positions we've got at the moment, or else just send us your CV! We love meeting new people! Do it through the Work with us page.