MarsBased is an officeless company with a distributed team. We truly believe and have entirely proved that we are most productive when working from our favourite environments.

Our entire development team works mainly based in Spain (CEST timezone), always coordinated with their project fellows, so you'll know at all times when our are developers working for you.

We tend to work during the Spanish office hours: from Monday until Friday, between 9am and 5pm, being entirely flexible from both sides: adapting to both our clients' and our developers' needs.

Remote Working

Being a remote team means that we do not do on-site work, although we will meet you at your premises for important meetings (kick-off, brainstorming sessions, critical deploys, etc.). This also means that we do not offer bodyshopping services.

In the next lines, we're describing how we will communicate, but we ought to also say that we have never seen some of our clients in real life although we've been working for them for years!

Pontus ÖsterbergCo-founder and COO of Prototyp Stockholm AB

MarsBased have exceeded our expectations repeatedly.

Engaged CTO who grasps the bigger picture immediately, senior developers who really know their stuff, and solid work processes to ensure that the projects were delivered in time and within budget - it doesn't get much better than that!

I would gladly recommend any project suitable for remote work and based on the technology of their expertise to get assistance from MarsBased. They will deliver.

Once we're working together, we send a weekly report with what's been done the previous week, and what we plan to do for the week ahead, so you know what keeps us busy. Furthermore, we're also available to hop on calls anytime at your convenience.

If your team has a set of communication & management tools, like Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Bitbucket, etc, we'll be happy to adapt and use them, but if not, we will suggest using ours.

Our communication stack is comprised of Basecamp for project management purposes and to centralise all communications; Slack for one-to-one direct communication, and Github for task management & issue tracking.

Remote Working

We sometimes like to work remotely from other places, like Bali, always coordinated with our clients, though!

At MarsBased, we know that some agencies or freelancers are not good at communicating, and that's why we take it very seriously.

First of all, because being an all-remote company, we need to communicate with each other every day. We do not see one another very often, so we are very aware of the importance of good and timely communication.

Second, we only work with senior developers, able to manage themselves and to communicate with clients. Most of them have been working as freelancers before, so they speak both tech and business languages.

Third, we enforce direct communication to avoid getting lost in translation. This means you will talk directly to our team, avoiding the endless layers of middlemen & managers.

In a nutshell, the benefits of working with our remote teams are:

  • We're more productive because we work with the best conditions.
  • We're more focused because we don't have office distractions.
  • We don't spend time commuting.
  • We won't bill you for other expenses (meals, transport, etc.)
  • We hire and work with the best talent irrespective of their location.