MarsBased is a development consultancy from Barcelona offering end‑to‑end web & mobile apps based on Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Node.js and other JavaScript frameworks. We use our engineering skills, business knowledge and a top-notch worldwide network to make your project skyrocket.

As a company, we are a Spanish SL (Sociedad Limitada), which is the equivalent of the US LLC (Limited Liability Company) and all our team members are full-time employees under contract.

All our employees are required to sign an NDA when they join the company, in order to comply with every NDA we sign with both our clients and our prospects. We also extend this practice to the companies, partners and freelancers we work with.

But worry not, we outsource projects only following mutual agreement with the client. So if we agree to outsource part of your project, you will know to whom and when we do it. We're completely transparent here.


Our company has been growing steadily and organically since we incorporated in early 2014. Founded by Jordi Vendrell, Xavier Redó and Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit, who had previous consulting experience as well as in the world of web development in renowned companies, MarsBased was born to create a lifestyle business based on high-end consulting and development.

Our company culture is very strong, based on the foundation of the Rework and Remote: No Office Required books, we believe that simpler is better, we take quality over quantity and we are in for long-term relationships with our clients and the communities we're part of.

We are also a remote-first company, with no office. As an officeless company, we believe that our employees will give their best and be more productive if they're able to work in their ideal conditions: with their own schedule, environment and location.

Xavier redo
Xavier RedóFounder & CTO at MarsBased

All of our clients are really happy with how involved we're in our projects. We don't want to grow our company at the expense of our current customers' satisfaction.

Our vision is to never exceed 25-30 employees, so as not to break the strong company culture that makes us bond so tight with our current employees and clients. In order to grow beyond that, we would need to make profound changes to our structure and methodologies: adding more management layers, adopting other technologies, hiring less-experienced personnel, offering more services, etc.

Lastly, if you're looking for a long-term technological partner for your project, who will not only understand and execute your vision but also provide valuable insights, then we should definitely be working together.