Chapter 0. We Are MarsBased

Let's start with the basics. By reading this chapter, you will find out who's behind MarsBased, what kind of company we are, and what can you expect from us.

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Chapter 1. Remote Working and Communication

As a 100% remote working company, our communication skills are very sharp. Read this section to learn about how we will communicate during the project, which tools we will use and how working remotely will bring the most benefits to your company.

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Chapter 2. Hiring & Billing

In this chapter, you will find out all the legalese about hiring us and our billing methods. Life's enough complicated as it is, so we're trying to make it as simple as possible to start working together.

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Chapter 3. Tech Stack

In order to ensure the highest quality in the code we produce, we decided to invest heavily in learning a few selected technologies to the core. Learn more about why and how we use Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React, Angular and other JavaScript frameworks to bring your projects to life.

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Chapter 4. Development Cycle

How long are our sprints? Do we use milestones? How are we coordinating our internal timings with yours? How many stages has got a project at MarsBased? These, and many other questions, are answered inside this chapter.

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Chapter 5. Project Types

As a specialised consultancy, we do not only bring extra muscle to speed up your development pace, but we also contribute with our extensive business knowledge and our worldwide network.

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Chapter 6. Team

What kind of profiles can I find at MarsBased? How many people will be working on the project? What policies should I be aware of? These, and many other questions about the team that'll be working on your project will be answered in this chapter.

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This Playbook is updated frequently. Make sure you keep coming back to find the latest improvements and do not hesitate to ask about what we haven't covered yet!

Work at MarsBased

If you are looking for a new challenge in your career in a stable company with lots of different projects and a very strong company culture, drop us a line. We are always open to meet new talent!

To be a Martian, you need to be acquainted with some of our technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Angular, React or Ionic, and be a very communicative and proactive person who's able to work remotely. If you're that person, contact us!

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