Chapter 0. We Are MarsBased

Let's start with the basics. By reading this chapter, you will find how who's behind MarsBased, what kind of company we are, and what can you expect from us.

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Chapter 1. Remote Working and Communication

As a 100% remote working company, our communication skills are very sharp. Read this section to learn about how will we communicate during the project, which tools will we use and how working remotely will bring the most benefits to your company.

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Chapter 2. Tech Stack

In order to ensure the highest quality in the code we produce, we decided to invest heavily in learning a few selected technologies to the core. Learn more about why and how we use Ruby, Rails and Javascript to bring your projects to life.

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Chapter 3. Development Cycle

How long are our sprints? Do we use milestones? How are we coordinating our internal timings with yours? How many stages has got a project at MarsBased? These, and many other questions, are answered inside this chapter.

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Chapter 4. Distributed Solutions

Most of our projects are deployed to the cloud, using distributed architectures. If you are also interested in learning more about how do we set up our working environments and how we design the architecture of our projects to integrate them with your environments, you should read this chapter.

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Chapter 5. Team

What kind of profiles can I find at MarsBased? How many people will be working on the project? What policies should I be aware of? These, and many other questions about the team that'll be working on your project will be answered inside this chapter.

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Este manual se actualiza frecuentemente. Regresa pronto para encontrar las últimas mejoras y no dudes en preguntarnos lo que aún no hemos mencionado.

Trabaja en MarsBased

Si estás buscando un nuevo reto profesional en una compañía estable con distintos proyectos y una fuerte cultura laboral, escríbenos. ¡Siempre estamos interesados en conocer nuevo talento!

Para ser un marciano, necesitas tener conocimientos avanzados de algunas de nuestras tecnologías (Ruby on Rails, Angular, React Native, Ionic...), y ser una persona comunicativa y proactiva, capaz de trabajar en remoto. Si eres esa persona, ¡contáctanos!

Estás a un paso de conocer a tu mejor socio.