We Shot for the Stars and We Landed on Mars (Lessons Learnt in Our Fourth Year)

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Alright, I know the saying isn't exactly like this. I wanted to give the famous Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars by the American author Norman Vincent Peale a little twist.

We have just wrapped up our fourth year of operations, running our specialised Ruby on Rails & Angular development agency, and we wanted to share the things we've learnt in the last year in this post.

How to Build a Node.js API (Part Two)

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Hi everyone (again)!

In my previous blog entry, I wrote the first part of our guide to create APIs using Node.js.

In this part, I'll give a quick introduction to express.js in order to understand how the Processes engine is organised (and the rationale behind). This is a pure technical javascript post, so be warned! ⚠️

Disclaimer: the source code examples are, in most of the cases, a simplification of the real code for easier legibility and to avoid compromising our client's code.

Are you ready to learn how express.js works? Let's dive into it!

How to Improve Self-Confidence when Writing Code

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One of the most frightening parts of being a developer is the recurring feeling that the solution that you are building is not going to work as intended, it is going to scale poorly or some of your coworkers will dislike working on top of it.

To give the best of yourself as a developer, you need to learn how to move away from these toxic feelings.

Estás a un paso de conocer a tu mejor socio.