JSBits #5: Loop statements: 'for..in' vs 'for..of'

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Except for performance reasons (on very rare occasions), I always prefer "forEach" or "map" over "for" statements, but lately I'm programming in Angular, where it's common to use "for" loops in things like "ngFor".

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So, again, there are two "for" statements in JavaScript to instruct loops. Yet another source of confusion, as per JavaScripts usual nature!

If you only have to know one thing is: try to avoid for loops… and then… always use "for..of" and never use "for..in".

I have always problems remembering this, so here's a mnemotechnic rule: "rof" is "for" backwards. "for…of" (the right choice) is almost a palindrome.

More information:

UPDATE: By the way, "for..of" is a ES6 feature, so I won't work in, sigh, some browsers. Check the compatibility table and transpile if necessary.

Daniel Gómez

Daniel Gómez

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